Published book Post-Consumerism: Paintings, 2007 - 2010, 2012

What Do U Want From Me by Barner Hill, 2006

Revelation by Robert Rayburn, 2004

Published poem “museum guard” in the Spring 2001 issue of  
The Chicago Literary

Published “Song of A Dandelion” in A Palette of Life  as a result of being a
semifinalist in the International Library of Poetry’s Annual Competition, 2000

Published "Song of a Dandelion," and "Not Just Woman's Work,"
Beyond Rhetoric and Rainbows: A Journey to the Place Where Learning Lives,

Published "The Example,"  "The Me That Nobody Knows," "Not Just Woman's
Work,"  and other writings in
Conation: Giving Kids the Will to Win, 1993

Columbia College, Chicago, IL
graduate level courses in Fiction Writing

relevant coursework:

Fiction 1
Story and Journal

American Screenwriters Association Conference, Universal City, CA, August 2001
Learned screenwriting techniques and industry essentials from Hollywood professionals

University of Chicago, Chicago, IL
Interdisciplinary B.A. in Art, Creative Writing, and Film, June 2001

relevant coursework:

Advanced Fiction Writing
Poetry Writing Workshop
Beginning Playwriting
Advanced Playwriting
Introduction To Film
Cinema and Modernity
African-American Cinema        

Northwestern University, Evanston IL, Summer 2000
Dramatic Screenwriting 1                

River Oak Arts, Oak Park, IL, Summer 2000
Writing the Novel Chapter

Hollywood Comes to Chicago 2000, September 2000
learned screenwriting techniques and industry essentials from Hollywood professionals

Chicago Screenwriters Group, Chicago, IL, May 2000
Weekend Screenwriting Seminar

Newberry Library for Research in the Humanities, Chicago, IL, April 1999
Novel Writing Workshop
why I write

Writing fiction is a peculiar sort of madness.  You strive to create something that
you alone can see because it is your life’s obsession.  Nothing is ever finished.  I
don’t know when I will achieve the novel I’ve been searching for.  It’s in the
pages somewhere, hidden.  In my mind I already see the critics’ words, the jacket
copy, the final analysis. . . but before me is something far less than what I’d
hoped for.  

One of my high school English teachers once told me that great writing is never
finished, but simply abandoned by the author.  The process of abandonment is
such a hard one.  “It isn’t ready,” I'd keep telling myself, fearing what reaction I’d
get.  You have to be brave to be a writer.  I reached this epiphany after a long and
very debilitating bout of writer's block.  Now I finally feel brave enough to share
my writing again, and I have made it available online.

read samples of my work

To see samples of my writing, visit my blog Tragedienne.  The title of my blog is a
French word that is used in the theater to describe an actress who specializes in
tragedies.  A tragedienne is the opposite of a comedienne, you could say.  I often
find myself exploring tragic themes in my writing, and so the title fits.  From
poetry to journal entries to fiction,
Tragedienne features excerpts of my
strongest pieces of writing.

writing services

I can provide a variety of writing services, including:
  • proofreading
  • editing
  • adaptations

Contact me if you're interested.
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Post-Consumerism tells
the story of my
circuitous journey to
creating my first major
body of work as an
artist. More than just
an exhibition
catalogue, this book
highlights the events in
my life that inspired my
work while featuring
large color photos of
finished paintings and
works in progress.